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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

OK who am I and what did I do?

Although it's not hard to guess, I think I will remain anonymous for now, but in my past employment I was tasked to specialise in taking fag packet circuits and drawings and create decent and informative schematics then PCB packages that were easy to manufacture, test and repair (as well as working well).

Not quite a designer, that was left to others but I would take their designs, point out all the little bits that they had forgotten and turn it into a working PCB, something that many electronic engineers just cannot figure out how to do.

What I did do though is learn as much as I could about the PCB manufacturing processes, the board assembly and test processes so that I could implement whatever labour saving and board longevity design options I was able to.

If I did not make it easy to assemble a board the women on the shop floor would certainly let me know about it and heck knows it's wise not to upset a woman with a soldering iron in her hand!

I was made redundant in 2009 shortly after a colleague and good friend passed away through Cancer, leaving me with no lead engineer to work for.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter torn and twisted about it, it was just a dark place I was in for a very long time. Now I'm in the better job that I have wanted to do for at least the past 10 years somehow it makes a redundancy well worth it.

I'm so glad that I am now with a company that has literally got their stuff together and get the job done on time and you get some appreciation for it.


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