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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Who want's a CADSTAR library with over 17,000 parts in it?

Did you know that along with the free CADSTAR Express demo version you can also get a sample of the online library that maintenance customers only get access to?

There is a free library containing 17,400+ parts including manufacturers such as:
AMD, Fairchild, Hitachi, Intel, IRF, Maxim, Microchip, Motorola, Nat Semi, OnSemi, Philips, Texas, Vishay, Xilinx and Zetex.
Need a Microchip Pic or Xilinx processor, there are over 1000. 1600+ Maxim parts.
The symbol library also has within it over 17,000 schematic symbols in and IPC7351 least, nominal and most component library's for the parts.

If the exact part you need is not there then surely there is something similar that can be renamed/modified to suit your needs.

It is available here after you have registered, download - install and enjoy.
Even maintenance customers would benefit from downloading this (also available in the support downloads section) as it would save them downloading individually from the online library.


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