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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sync your works library with your home/laptop library.

Do you work in several locations? Having problems using the network library and one used on a laptop at home etc and keeping them in sync?

If you make new symbols/components or parts in a secondary location then it can often be troublesome to put them back into your main library when you return to the primary location, they can be forgotten, mistakes made etc.

An answer to this, to keeping both sets of library in sync is to use a cloud hosting service such as Dropbox.  By placing your library files in a Dropbox folder you can sync them when you return to the primary location.

Note - if there are several users doing this then you have potential clashes so this is best if its a 1:1 user setup. You can also use any of the other cloud services as you think best for security etc.

There is a new free service that has just come online that offers 15gb of storage space that appears to enable you to do the same, this is called Copy.com and if you follow my link we each get an extra 5gb.


Anonymous said...

Thanks by the idea!

Smelter said...

To get over the multi-user problem, nominate one person to be the "Company Librarian". By all means let every user create, but get them submitted to the Librarian, that way you get a second pair of eyes to check them over to "company standard".

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