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Monday, 1 July 2013

Adding file paths into an part entry hyperlink field.

Generally when creating a part and I am adding a hyperlink to a datasheet, I want to add the full path including file name into my parts library.
However typing it manually is very likely to result in a typo, copying it in Windows Explorer only copies the path.

So what I do is.....

I right drag the file to my desktop and when releasing the right mouse button - select "Create shortcut here" and then select it's properties and hit CTRL+C (copy).

This shows the full path including filename which I simply need to copy and paste into the parts definition entry. I do this rather than try and type the path\filename in as I can easily make a mistake so a direct copy is easier.

For Windows 7 I have now I have discovered a much easier way to do it (the above method works well for XP though.) from a very useful list of Windows 7 Hotkeys which is simply to do the following:

Using Windows Explorer browse to the file, Press Shift+Right Click on the file and from the right mouse button context menu select the new "Copy As Path" option.

This copies the full path into the clipboard that you can now paste into the part definition field.
You do have to remove the parenthesis from either end though.

Simple but very effective and accurate.


Marc Lalonde said...

it Great to see that blog active again ;-)

Smelter said...

5* tip!
I have always clicked on the path bar at the top of explorer and copied the path then added the file name.
Now I can tell folks where to find files on the server with a simple shift+right click and paste into E-mails.

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